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In Good Company: Andy Goldsworthy


In Good Company: Paul Cézanne


In Good Company: Jan Vermeer



What color is the smell of an onion? Can we draw the mightly rumble of a locomotive? Can we see and paint jazz music? 

Can memory, myth, nostalgia, or romance effectively be the creative impetus for images of songs?


Using personal and cultural “anthems” from the last 50 years – those seminal songs connected with specific moments in time, memorable places, lovers, cultural movements – those tunes that evoke a smile of recognition or a welling in the heart – I strive to make visual those complex memories and emotions. 


As a vehicle I use images of real plants or flowers, often in a visual space that is graphic or non-objective.   Manipulating the visual tensions and balancing the formal aspects of each piece is guided and directed by the song and its meanings. 


Of course, these images of songs are individual and personal.  I have the notion that, from my separate and singular vantage, perhaps I can strike upon some aspects of the universal. As Maya Angelou said “I start with “I” or  “me” and I speak to “we” or “us.”


Playlist: Anthems of a Generation



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