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Authentic Moments These mixed-media collages are  constructed  of patterned and textured papers produced all over the world and representative of a great variety of cultures.
Gouache is used to paint the papers to create the Authentic Moments.


Creative Moments Gouache paintings isolating a moment in nature of unfolding, of opening, of realizing. 




Life has patterns, textures, and cycles. We learn and develop distinct and individual ways of being human within our repetitive days and years. The effects of culture and cultures-within culture align our ways of being, in accordance with the essential possibilities of human feeling and thought. 


Authentic moments occur with no posing, no self-consciousness when people are busy being the person they have invented for themselves to be within their cultural matrix. The authentic moments of these collages are mostly defined by two or more people, their relationships, their histories, their stories. 




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