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Coronavirus Daze
New realities, old truths, alternate truths, justice and inequities, heartaches and happiness of Coronavirus Daze
Planet Earth
Global realities, global truths, global awareness, global issues.



Our earliest cultural connections were across the seas and oceans. Bays and gulfs have been places of refuge, piracy, hazard, and treasure. The vastness of Planet Earth is realized in the empty horizons of the oceans. Coastal land forms define the edges of this vastness.



No track nor pattern of evidence has been left behind by ancient mariners, nor immigrants, nor voyagers in the seas and oceans of Planet Earth. Social and cultural influences evolve as humankind sail the seas in migration, travel or conquest.


Espacios Dorados   Patterned, gilded collage images of light in architectural spaces that are, perhaps Spanish, Turkish, Indian, Moroccan. These mixed-media collages of exotic, mysterious, and magical interior spaces. These places all have a golden glow. The subject is of light entering through doors and windows.




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