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The Mothers and the Sisters 
Mixed-media collage images of the women of the world – their physicality, their commonality, their maternity, their presence as nurturers, their essential role as universal keepers of the home fires. Of course women are also thinkers, intellectuals, teachers, innovators, politicians and mechanics: these artworks simply celebrate their essential roles as the Mothers and the Sisters. 


Green Apple
Bearing the Burden
Essential Vessel
Ladies of the Night
One After Another
River of Dreams
Fireside III
The Daily Dance
Mother and Daughter
Ancestral Sisters
Other Women Other Places
Ancestral Mothers
White Head Scarves at the Mothers' Protest .jpg
Girl Child
Celestial Dancers
Wanted Women
 Images of real women who are or have been fugitives from the law, in and around New Orleans, Louisiana from 2000 to 2002,
pre-Katrina. The portraits of these Wanted Women were painted from Police “Wanted” notices and from Bail Bondsmen’s published “Wanted” advertisements.



All images are approximately 9” x 8” framed to 13” x 12”.

These 30 represent approximately one third of the Wanted Women Portrait Project by Judy McLeod.

Eleven of the Wanted Woman remain available at $30 each, unframed. 



Be they flat or dimensional, viewed from the side or the top or in perspective, The Vessels are also about the women of the world:  women as we present ourselves, women as we experience ourselves, women as we are perceived by our communities.  The Vessels investigate may of the different ways women have of being in the world.


Victory_ triptych
One Child Policy
Cambodian Marketgirl
Temple Toddler
Ancient Memories
Tatoos and Scarification
Ancient Sisters
Temple Girls
In the Garden
African Dancer
Old Bull
Woman at the Temple Gate
Hong Kong Nights
Formal Arabic
Zulu woman's work
In Her Shoes 
If you could walk in her shoes...
Sometimes at the end of the day you need a lift, sometimes you might hope to have an abundance of charm, or sometimes... 


FROM the HOOK (Charlottesville) review:

....McLeod presents six pairs of salvaged soles, ranging from peep-toes to loafers, that she has remade to celebrate fancy over function.


The title of each work, which features a box in addition to the footwear, is a play on shoe-related words or lore. “Stampers,” for instance, features lace-up oxfords covered inside and out with international postage stamps. In contrast to the colorful shoes, the accompanying box is plain brown cardboard stamped in black ink with advisories like “Received,” “Return to Sender,” and “Artwork do not Bend.”


McLeod often incorporates the fine Asian papers familiar from her two-dimensional works and adds a bit of sparkle. Her “Hookers,” far from being sexy stilettos, are mid-heeled gold slip-ons lined with shimmering paisley paper on the inside and studded with fishhooks flashing feathers and baubles on the outside. The papered-over accompanying box swims with orange and black koi.


One of the most interesting works, “Glass Slippers,” offers a more treacherous version of the famous fairy-tale prop. Lined with cabbage rose coral paper, white floral pumps are sheathed in glass shards. Broken glass also surrounds the edge of the shoebox lid. Lesson: Don’t mess with Cinderella, stepsister– she will cut you!


Charm Shoes
Charm Shoes

Shoes and shoe box, transformed, $999

There's No Place Like Home
There's No Place Like Home

Shoes and shoe box, transformed, $888

Go Lightly
Go Lightly

Shoes and shoe box, transformed, $888


Shoes and shoe box, transformed, $777


Shoes and Shoe Box, transformed $777

Uppers and Downers
Uppers and Downers

Shoes and show box, transformed, $777

Safety Shoes
Safety Shoes

Shoes and shoe box, transformed, $666

Glass Slippers
Glass Slippers

Shoes and shoe box, transformed, $888