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Wonderful World

stunning collage artworks celebrating loving world views in the midst of pandemic realities

February 7 through August 5, 2024
in the Amuse Gallery
at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art
Loosely Tethered .jpg

Let us look with hope and promise at the wonder of planet Earth. Despite the Coronavirus daze pandemic, despite inequities and global conflicts, despite the “bad actors” among us, let us look with love and awe at the fantastic reality—we are here in our particular sliver of space-time. As we contemplate our place in space, we employ an ever-expanding scientific knowledge and spiritual awareness of this planet in our solar system in our galaxy in the universe...and beyond.


These collages/ideas reflect on and celebrate this Wonderful World.


Judy McLeod lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is a recipient of a 1979–80 and 1980–81 VMFA Graduate Visual Arts Fellowship.

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